Serry Beach Resort
Located at the center of Hurghada’s touristic promenade, at the heart of the city, Serry Beach Resort’s guests are residing in one of the most serene locations in the capital of the Red Sea Riviera. Wander through the relaxing town and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of local life.

We have created a resort where every element is there for a reason. We have removed distractions, so you can focus on what’s meaningful to you. Ecologically-friendly architecture is harmonious with the environment. Clean lines, inviting textures and soothing curves engage the senses. Natural, locally sourced materials and neutral tones confirm a distinct sense of place and locality; Arabesque Zen. Each space is integrated within beautiful, natural surroundings. Lush, verdant landscaping entices a gentle stroll and connectivity to nature

Sweeping Red Sea views lie outstretched before you. Serry is home to 453 scenic guest accommodation. Inspired by earthy, minimalist Arabesque Zen,

each appointed Room, Chalet and Suite promotes calm and consciousness. Sustainable surfaces and details encourage tranquility. Perfectly positioned,

each space affords the utmost privacy and enhances the sense of seclusion.