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Chairman & CEO

Islam Mahdy is an accomplished business leader and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in hospitality, investment, and experience design. With over 20 years of experience, he has successfully led and managed a diverse range of innovative projects, including hotels, restaurants, and attractions. He currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Credence Hospitality Developments and the Founder and CEO of Urbane Hospitality Developments, where his work has been recognized by organizations such as the World Bank Group and Conde Naste Traveller, and his brands have consistently been ranked among the top in Egypt. His expertise and ability to seamlessly blend his business experience and passion for experience design make him a valuable asset and leader in the hospitality industry.

Islam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a double major in Finance and Economics, from Babson College, where he graduated with honors. He also holds a Master in Science degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he focused on the intersection of Investment and Innovation, and a Master in Philosophy from the Royal College of Arts, where he focused on Experience Design. He continues to further his intellectual curiosity with a Ph.D. in Engineering Design at Imperial College London, where he is focusing on the intersection of Experience Design, Behavioral Psychology, and Hospitality.

Managing Director of Sindbad Club

As Managing Director of Sindbad Club, Hamed consolidated Hurghada operations and led the club’s turn-around development plan with great emphasis on efficiency, productivity, and most importantly, quality. Hamed is a 1982 graduate of E.G.O.T.H. Hotel Institute, Alexandria, and has gained rich management experience at leading international hotel chains including Sheraton and Renaissance Hotels.

Hamed joined Credence in 1992 as General Manager of Sindbad Beach Resort, where he carried out an aggressive expansion plan that brought the total room capacity from 52 to 1,000 rooms, with future plans to reach 2,000. His application of international standards of product and service quality has won him the World Quality Commitment International Star Award - 1995 from B.I.D. (Business Initiative Directions) and World Quality Commitment International Star Award- 2005.


Executive Director of Engineering & Developments

As Executive Director of Engineering & Developments, Eng. Mohamed El Taher is responsible for managing Credence’s ambitious expansion plan to upgrade Sindbad Club to a Five Star mixed-use destination, increasing the total capacity up to 2,000 rooms, and overseeing the maintenance of the Hotels and Marines sectors. Eng. Taher joined Credence in 1985 where he oversaw the group’s engineering & developments. He later joined The Arab Contractors Co. (the region’s leading construction company) to become Managing Director of The Arab Contractors Co. Kuwait Subsidiary.

Eng. Taher led developments with a total value of 3 Billion USD in Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, and Libya. Highlights of his career also include managing the Egyptian Ministry of Culture’s initiative to maintain Cairo’s various presidential, royal, and cultural palaces and monuments. In addition, Eng. Taher also worked on face-lifting some of the capital’s cultural centers such as Moez Street and Azhar Park. Eng. Taher obtained Bachelor in Architectural Engineering from Azhar University in 1975.

Executive Director of Urbane

Gameel joined Credence in 1997 as Financial Manager of the restaurants division, was later promoted to General Manager, and then finally rose to the position of Urbane Executive Director. In his capacity as Urban Executive Director, he is in charge of expanding Urbane’s expansion eorts and brand portfolio.

Gameel’s previous experience at international hotel chains such as Sheraton and Sar Hotels has enabled him to boost the units he manages by reviewing management practices and financial set ups, and improving product and service quality. Gamal Gameel holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Commerce from Asuit University.

Director of Quality Assurance

Shoukry Joined Credence Hospitality Developments in 1992 as a hotel F&B manager, where he was promoted to hotel manager, and later becoming Sindbad Club Director of F&B. His outstanding performance in improving the Club's F&B sector qualified him to become Credence's Director of Total Quality Management, where he is responsible of developing and managing Credence's management systems.

Shoukry gained an unparalleled quality management experience through his extensive leadership experience in hospitality since 1984 in different international hotel chains ranging from Sheraton to Renaissance Hotels. Shoukry is a 1982 graduate of E.G.O.T.H. Hotel Institute, Alexandria.

Executive Director of Legal Affairs

Adel Abou Deif, the Executive Director of Legal Affairs, has played a fundamental role in protecting company interests through his professional and prompt handling of all legal matters, legal records, contracts and procedural issues in courts and governmental agencies. He has been able to resolve long-standing cases, both in and out of court, through settlements acceptable to both parties.

Prior to joining Credence in 2001 as Director of Legal Affairs, he worked as Legal Advisor for several companies. He practices in Preliminary Courts and Criminal Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Cassation, the Supreme Constitutional Court, and the Supreme Administrative Court. Abou Deif holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

Director of Corporate Affairs

As Director of Corporate Affairs, Bekheet developed corporate accounting and reporting systems that enabled clearer financials and systematic monitoring of results. He possesses wide-ranging experience in corporate nance, financial accounting, and financial control. Bekheet joined Credence in 1991 as General Cashier. Since then he has assumed several posts, ranging from Accountant, to Head of Accounting Department, to Accounting Manager.

His long service in Credence gave him the ability to recognize needed improvements and allowed him to provide amazing insights during the development of HMD’s Financial Charter as well as the implementation of financial best practices. Bekheet holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Commerce from Ain Shams University.

Director of Human Resources

Gamal Moawad joined Credence in 1997, where he has assumed many roles within HR, ranging from Personnel Manager to HR Director. As Director of Human Resources, Moawad developed an employeeoriented and high performance culture that emphasized empowerment, quality, productivity, and goal attainment.

His experience at international hotel chains such as Sar and Sheraton Hotels, in addition to his regional experience in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, allowed him to initiate an ambitious restructuring plan and to establish clear HR policies and procedures. Gamal Moawad earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Law in 1985. Moawad is a Certied Professional in Human Resource & Compensation (CPHRC), named as such by the Institute for Human Resource Management Education (IHRME).

Director of Corporate Governance & Board Secretary

El Leithy joined Credence in 1992. He began his career as an accountant and has since been promoted to a number of positions, including Head of Accounting Department, Accounting Manager, Financial Analyst, and Internal Auditor. As Director of Corporate Governance & Board Secretary, El Leithy maintains and updates the governance framework, coordinates governance committee and board member meetings, and analyzes monthly reports, in addition to leading the internal audit team.

El Leithy has obtained a broad training ranging from accounting to nancial analysis techniques and internal auditing; which has given him extensive exposure to many financial fields and accelerated his promotion to Director of Corporate Governance. El Leithy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Commerce from Ain Shams University.