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Mr. Mohamed Said’s exceptional entrepreneurial skills gave him the ability to constantly lead the market by introducing new concepts and envisioning the future in revolutionary ways deemed impossible by those around him. His true passion for service and hospitality allowed him to start-up over 35 dierent successful projects. He was able to turn-around a number of projects by simply concentrating on the people side of the business, and emphasizing the importance of fun and service in enhancing guest experience. His natural leadership and motivational skills drove him up the ladder, from kitchen steward all the way to building Credence, a company that now has over 2,500 employees. In the meantime, he managed to build an exceptionally strong culture that is the key to our success and growth to this day. Here is how Mr. Mohammed Said has envisioned his three leisure segments, which form the basis for the group’s vision and core values.

“It took us three years of brainstorming to present a revolutionary concept in a family amusement park, based on international standards for rides, facilities, and safety. Aordable prices and central locations were key to attracting families. The formula worked and this is why, for many people, Sindbad is synonymous with amusement.”

“Our guests are not looking for marble oors or silk sheets; they are looking for fun and that’s what we provide. When you check into a hotel, you are not expecting to see huge colorful water slides, two passenger submarines, a bowling center, or an aqua park. Yet, you’ll find them all at Sindbad.”

“When you look for a place to eat, you are not looking only for food quality but also for atmosphere, hospitality and service. We started by looking for unique locations that could create that special atmosphere. We train our people to treat you right, to pamper you. We then finally leave our renowned chefs to enchant you with their magic. There you have it, our secret recipe.”

Recognized by the Higher Committee of the International Public Opinion and the International Businessmen Centre with the Golden Businessmen International Award for 1988, in acknowledgment of his leading role, excellence, international quality standards, and outstanding achievement in the eld of tourism and community service.

Honored by the Red Sea Governor’s Decree No. 283 for the year 2005 in recognition of his contribution to tourism by naming Hurghada’s
main airport road in the Touristic Center after him.

Awarded the International Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers Plaque (F.I.J.E.T.) in recognition of his eorts in promoting tourism on
June 26, 2005.