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Credence plays a role in serving the community in which it operates by sponsoring charitable events to aid the disabled and disadvantaged, and by funding social activities. Team members are encouraged to engage and commit part of their Time to help the local community through a variety of charities and foundations, educational organizations, and similar institutions.


Credence has been developing a series of weekly cultural talks, debates, and events in Left Bank. These weekly events have been receiving great responses and reviews due to its approach to sensitive and often overseen topics such as self expression through graffiti, assessing the revolution's impact, minorities and unprivileged areas communities around the country such Siwa.


Credence has partnered with Misr El Kheir foundation to find and treat cases with functional deterioration or loss of sight due to health conditions, environmental, or social factors. The initiative targets cases that need surgical interference provide therapeutic medications for a proper treatment, provide ophthalmic equipment essential for improving the visual acuity, and rehabilitation. The indicative's goals are to help curable visually disabled cases to live normally, raise preventive awareness about the diverse lesions causing eye diseases to the low-income population in underserved areas.