• Left Bank

With its laid back atmosphere, Sequoia is the ultimate dining concept. Its Wood paneled ooring, couches &stued chairs, low wooden tables, draped canopies and soft light, have created an ambiance, which is irreplaceable. Sequoia’s dream like atmosphere and its simplistic elegance make it a place where one can truly enjoy a good afternoon and many endless nights. In Sequoia, we were keen to present our favorite selection of fusion Mediterranean cuisine originating from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, and Southern Italy. Sequoia solely relies on the word of mouth of its loyal customers as well as the numerous regional and international publications that have recognized Sequoia as “one of the top reasons to visit Cairo “as quoted by the leading international travel and hospitality magazine Travel & Leisure.”
Urbane’s latest venture, oers a sensational experience as a Café, Bistro & Patisserie. Its name takes us back to the Left Bank of the river Seine in Paris, of an earlier era; the Paris of artists, writers and philosophers, and dozens of other members of the great artistic community at Montparnasse. Left Bank serves authentic homemade French Pastry, bakery, chocolates and macaroons, made with the nest natural ingredients, authentic avors, and given aesthetic presentations, by our international Chef, who ensures that they are not only pleasing to the eye but are heavenly delicious. Designed by the award-winning team at Eklego Design, who preserved the authenticity of the Art Deco architecture while fusing it with pieces of eclectic moments. A stimulating individual experience, homogeneous atmosphere, rened elegance, and a gourmet experience for our discerning clients.
Mirai is a pan-asian restaurant featuring classic teppanyaki grill and sushi bar. The restaurant adds a delightful and innovative flare by virtue of its distinctive fusion cuisine which is a blend of Chinese, Japanese and classically prepared sushi.  Designed by the award-winning team at Eklego Design, who preserved the traditional Japanese art of paper folding represented in its Origami walls and a teppanyaki grill, which is a flat surface grill used to cook live in front of guests. The restaurant also features the fun and excitement of a sushi bar, offering the tastiest selection of nigiri, temaki, sahimi, and maki rolls.