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Credence operations are certified and compliant with the Health & Safety Management Systems (ISO 18001). It aims to minimize risks and associated costs by providing quality and technical services that foster the safest environment possible for guests, team members, and property. Training is focused on areas of health, safety and environment. These programs not only achieve compliance with regulatory requirements, but also create a culture that places the highest value on the prevention of injury and illness. 

Credence is an equal opportunity employer. Its recruitment, promotion, and compensation policies are based on merit and are free of discrimination. Clear and transparent policies to this extent have been developed and put into practice. Any kind of discrimination or harassment at the workplace is not tolerated and contrary behavior is properly investigated and dealt with through Credence Human Resources Department. An appropriate policy & disclosure thereof has been developed to this extent. 

Credence is committed to developing and advancing team members professionally in a manner consistent with their abilities. It has in place a training program, for all team members, which encourages individuals to formulate personal development plans and provides for coaching, mentoring, and formal skill-enhancing training. Team members are recognized & rewarded for their performance, based on performance objectives as well as constructive and regular feedback through face-to-face meetings. 

A regular consultation process between Credence team members and managers has been put in place to effectively deal with employment conditions and other issues that affect team members’ work environment. A Team Member Opinion Survey is conducted and analyzed, on a quarterly basis, to rate and improve the satisfaction index. 

Credence provides full medical coverage in addition to the State Health Insurance Plan for all team members to ensure that they receive the best medical care. Related policy is included in the Human Resources Manual and Team Member Handbook. Credence provides an Employer-Paid Life Insurance Plan covering total disability and death for every member that have exceeded five years with Credence. Related policy is included in the Human Resources Manual and Team Member Handbook.