• Sindbad Beach Resort

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MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Quality Management System (ISO 9001) Environmental Management System (14001) Occupational Health & Safety Management System (ISO 18001) Food Safety Management System (ISO 22001) Corporate Governance Management Systems (ISO 31000 & 26000)
LEADERSHIP STYLE Encourages innovation and problem solving Promotes quality improvements through client-oriented approach Fosters a fun, team-oriented work environment Accountable and performance driven Dedicated to the development of Human Resources
TEAM POLICIES Behavioral recruitment process Skills and competency-based training Internal and external remuneration equity Merit-based compensation and rewards Succession and leadership planning
ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Horizontal with maximum of ve reporting lines and average of seven subordinates Matrix with expertise from functional divisions supporting the operations Decentralized with authority delegated to frontline team Formal grading levels associated with clear titles and authority Enriched job design through task signicance, variety, and feedback

Technical skills

Customer service skills

Team building skills

Leadership skills

Quality management skills