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Registration procedures are convenient and allow for quick and easy admittance to the general assembly.

Credence ensures that all members of the board and the external auditor are present during the general assembly to answer questions. Each shareholder has the right to take the oor on matters on the agenda, and to submit relevant proposals and questions three days before the general assembly. The Executive Chairman of the general assembly conducts the meeting professionally, fairly, and expeditiously.

Voting is conducted by ballot. Credence has eective shareholder voting mechanisms in place to protect minority shareholders against unfair actions. The procedures for counting votes at the general assembly are transparent and exclude the possibility of manipulating voting results.

The voting results and other relevant materials are distributed to shareholders, either at the end of the general assembly or very soon after the general assembly is held, as well as to the general public by posting the results on Credence internet site and publishing them in the mass media in a timely manner.